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Mokra combines psychedelic improvisations with songscapes influenced by The Meters, Grateful Dead, and The Band. When Jordan (bass) joined forces with long standing musical partners CJ (guitar, vox) and Barry (drums, vox), Mokra truly took shape. Look out for Mokra at NYC area clubs, festivals, and wherever beer is flowing. 


Rusty Cannons

Blues-jam group The Rusty Cannons developed their powerful sound and keen instinct for improvisation over eight years of collaboration and musical communication, using elements of blues, funk, folk and rock and throwing away the instruction manual in the process. Boston native Patrick Maguire (Lead guitar/vocals), Long Island born and raised Derek Merker (Bass), and Southern Vermont’s very own Jack Deming (Drums), first met in a seventh floor dorm room in Western Massachusetts in 2007, and have not stopped collaborating ever since. Beginning as a power trio and developing through multiple bands, these three gents worked the dive bars, pig roasts and basements of Western Massachusetts, developing a musical bond that has only become stronger with time, experience and good humor. Returning to their power-trio roots, The Rusty Cannons mix a collection of formidable originals with hand-picked covers from great bands like the Grateful Dead and legends like George Harrison, all while showcasing what they do best: communicating and improvising off one another. While a set list is often on duty, it is less of a laundry list and more of a reference point for the possibilities, as The Rusty Cannons craft songs together often times without a break. Sometimes the tune change comes with a nod, sometimes it’s a single chord, but being unpredictable is what makes this band unique. ​

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